Bay Area Public Safety, Inc.
Today we live in a world in which more security is needed.  People & businesses realize that they
need more & more protection in safeguarding their life & property.  Perhaps you're one of those
people who always knew that you have wanted or needed security services but never knew how to
obtain it.  Or maybe you're making a decision on whether or not to keep your existing services,
upgrade them or go with a different company altogether.

The security industry is in a period of fundamental change and continuously shows strong growth.  
There are many different people and businesses with needs to obtain a professional security service
that fits our changing times.  We hope you will take time to learn more about Bay Area Public
, Inc. and making us your #1 choice.  "We like to maintain our professional image and an
honest relationship with our customers".  "It's more pleasant, it's real and honest."  "It's like having a
partner you can trust 100 percent."
We specialize in patrol services with G.P.S. & Electronic Tracking:

Bay Area Public Safety, Inc. specializes in patrol services for your commercial, residential, or
personal needs.  Contact us for a detailed security threat assessment.  If you elect to have Bay
Area Public Safety
, Inc. as your security service, security threat assessments are at no extra
charge to the client.  Bay Area Public Safety
, Inc. only uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment
for our patrol services.  So, if a quality patrol service is what you need, then ask how Bay Area
Public Safety
, Inc. can serve you.  Have you been fooled by imitators claiming services were
provided on a business card or a doctored up piece of paper?  Are you tired of other services
not performing tasks stated on documents?   Bay Area Public Safety
, Inc.  ensures confidence
with the use of Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) and other electronic tracking technology.  All
patrols are electronically recorded in a tamper proof system.  This helps ensure you are
receiving the proper services you want.
Verified Response Program:

In March 2005, Fremont Police Department has required "Verified Response" of alarm activations.  
Under this program, the
Police will not respond to alarms until verified by security.  Bay Area
Public Safety has been trained in "Verified Response" by the Fremont Police Department.  
Verified Response program started in Southern California and has been used within the City &
County of Los Angeles,  within the City & County of San Diego & Santa Barbara.  Due to the
number of false alarms, budget restraints & staffing, many Bay Area Police Agencies area taking
Fremont's approach to Verified Alarm Responses.  Don't leave your valuables unprotected.  Ask
how Bay Area Public Safety
, Inc. can serve you.
We Also provide motor escorts:

Are you in need of motor escorts?  We are trained in motor escorts & Emergency Vehicle Operation
Course.  We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment for our motor escorts.  So if a quality motor
escort is what you need, then ask how Bay Area Public Safety
, Inc. can serve you.
Proudly providing security services throughout the greater Bay Area and beyond.